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Soccer Camps & Soccer Clinics in the U.S.

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Entrepreneurs wanted! E-mail cover letter, soccer experience, and resume to train@intensesoccer.com

Would you like to bring Professional European Soccer training to the young soccer players in your community? Would you like your players to train like pro's? We'll be delighted to bring our European football expertise to your area while offering you an amazing opportunity to raise funds for your own club/team.

Celebrate with us our 21st Anniversary of Excellence in Soccer!

Let's work together for a unique and successful 2012 season. Give your program a professional note, and superior training everyone will appreciate.
Eurosoccer Academy of the USA is currently looking for potential partners, passionate about the game of soccer, to help us implement our Innovative European Curriculum over all the United States and Canada.

Become an Eurosoccer Academy of the USA Partner. It's easy! Begin offering players and coaches in your community the great opportunity to experience first hand the European soccer training which brought fame to the sport all over the world.

Our Trusted Partnership Program provides you, your club, or organization with the unique opportunity to offer your players the most comprehensive, top quality training by highly qualified U.E.F.A. European coaches. This is a great opportunity for your coaches to learn the European style and implement it to the benefit of your players all year long.

Who can become a Partner? Individual coaches, traveling teams, clubs, O.D.P. Programs, recreational centers, private or public schools, universities, or any other entity who engages in providing their players high quality soccer training. Make money while offering your players the best training possible, and build up a strong local soccer program you'll be proud of.
We welcome you to our Trusted Partnership Program. Begin setting up camps and clinics, and raise funds while we provide your players with top professional training. Our goal is to make the European soccer tradition, fame, and experience part of our young American players' physical and psychological development, and to help them become well-rounded players.

Why Become a Eurosoccer Academy of the USA Partner?

- Our 21st Anniversary testifies to our success. We have developed the most effective way to introduce the European style soccer to our American players.

- Bring our expertise, experience, reputation & our coaches from Spain & Portugal to your soccer players in your community

- We will implement our Innovative European Curriculum to your players and coaches, and give a superior touch to your local programs.

- Our Trusted Partnership Program will enable you to make money, and raise funds while providing top quality, professional soccer training offered by our highly qualified coaching staff.

-We offer a large variety of programs in the US and Europe. We guarantee you, and your organization exclusive rights to market our camps and programs in your community.

- Our mission is to promote excellence in soccer to all players. They are our pride and our future.

About Eurosoccer Academy of the USA (E.S.A. of the USA):

E.S.A. of the USA proudly celebrates 21st Anniversary!

Our paramount goal is to achieve excellence in soccer while creating a healthy and friendly environment for all attendees. We want to inspire them, contributing to the fulfillment of their dreams. Particular attention is paid to our players' physical, tactical, technical, and psychological development. We strive to create a bond between the players and follow their development throughout the years. Our program goes far beyond a regular soccer vacation. I am confident your players will integrate rapidly and enjoy our high quality soccer program while having a great time.

Our training program will become a great motivation for all participants. We provide soccer education and training at its best.

Eurosoccer Academy of the USA (E.S.A. of the USA) Programs:

Eurosoccer Academy of the USA (E.S.A. of the USA) is a professional soccer organization that brings its expertise to all players intent on improving their skills.

E.S.A. of the USA is a major step towards what it takes to become a champion. You will have to work hard. Our program will enhance your discipline, determination and ambition. You will practice hard and think soccer every day. Your game will improve significantly!

Our programs are designed for players who want to improve their skills and pursue this sport to a higher level.

Programs in the US:

High School, College and Club Coaches, call us to schedule your Soccer Training Camp or your Team Clinic. Choose your own dates or the dates below. We will bring our expertise, experience, reputation & our coaches from Spain & Portugal to your soccer players in your community.

Where? NY, PA, NJ & CA. Are you from a different state? Contact us to schedule your local soccer event for field players and GK
8/03-8/07/16 & 8/10-8/14/16; age 9-14 & 14-18; 3 hour Goal Keeper clinic on 8/7 & 8/14/16

For more information call us at 570-807-6187
E-mail: train@intensesoccer.com


To reserve your position send in your $650 down payment today! Submit your resume to train@intensesoccer.com ; To set up a payment schedule please call: 570-807-6187

    Major credit cards accepted.    

For faster processing print the enrollment form, fill it out and fax it or mail it along with the non-refundable $650 down payment (major credit cards accepted) to:


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