Congratulations to Conor Chinn, 23, a technical forward who signed with Major League New York Red Bulls. Conor trained with Eurosoccer Academy of the USA in Romania and Belgium after his first year of college and was selected to tryout for F.C. Dinamo Bucharest. He also participated in the Carpathian Cup and received the Golden Boot.

  Conor Chinn
22, CA

Congratulations to Cody DeGrood, 21, of California, who signed a profesional contract with 1st division F.C. Astra Ploiesti on 8/1/2009 at age 19! He was loaned to F.C. Teleajen, a 3rd division club for his first season. Also played for F.C. Bacau. Prior to signing, Eurosoccer Academy of the USA facilitated tryouts for Cody with Sporting Lisbon in Portugal and a number of clubs in Germany and Romania. Cody attended 4 summer training programs with us. He also participated in the year round training program in Romania. Currently playing in Germany.

  Cody DeGrood
20, Center Mid., CA

Carmen and Coach Alex, This last summer was one of the best experiences of my life. I grew up in a small town not knowing my skill level compared to others. To finally be tested on the international level was really an amazing experience. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to train and play against some of the best. Thanks to you guys my skills increased and so did my confidence. The game against Al-Ittihad is easily the best experience of my soccer career and thanks to ESA of the USA it won' be my last. Knowing that I've defended those on the national level and had professional scouts at my games, my confidence on the pitch has skyrocketed thanks to you and the the program. Thanks again for everything, - Martin

Martin Nelson
21, Portland, OR

This past summer has been the greatest experience of my life. I am so glad that I found the Euro Soccer Academy of the USA program flyer because it has seriously changed my life in more way than one. The training staff was able to point out my weaknesses and provide me with proper training to become the best player that I can be. The program not only offers you with tremendous training exposure but also an incredible social experience. Through the camp I have met life-long friends and have embarked on tours of countries that I would never have dreamed about. Thanks to Carmen and Alex and all of their help they were able to provide me with professional tryouts, which has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. - Reem

Reem Hana,
21, NJ
    Carmen, Alex, and Adrian- Hey, its Max! Just wanted to say hello and see how things are going. Thanks a whole lot for taking me again on the trip to Romania, Belgium, and Portugal. I had a great time training and learning a lot with all of you. I'm leaving next week to start my pre-season training in Colorado. Wish me luck!Looking forward to next summer and thanks again!! Sincerely, Max  
  Maximillion Von
22, Chicago, IL
    Hello Carmen and Alex, Gabriel will be returning to the Eurosocer Academy of the USA program for the fhird time this summer at his request. Since joining your program, he has been accepted to the Pennsylvania Premier Association U15 Boys Select Team. A potential USSF Development Academy team. He has earned a starting position for an elite U15 Boys Team That were PA State champions in 2006, and 2007 and finalists in 2008. The effectiveness of your program is evident in Gabriel's accomplishments. We would like to thank you and your staff for cultivating a lifestyle that is making him succeed on and off the field. Best regards,

Bo and Lorian Hrecznyj

  Gabriel Hrecznyj,
    Hi Carmen, Lisa's been impossible to live with since she got home!!! All she
does is reminisce of the great times she had and wishing she were back! She
had a wonderful time and assures me she spent quality time training with the
wonderful coaches in addition to all the fun she had being in Belgium and
Portugal. She is determined to earn all she can so that she can go back next
summer for the entire program. Thank you so much for taking such good care of
her, it sounds like it was the right balance between being free to roam around
and experience the Mediterranean life and getting enough sleep and supervision.
I'm know she has made lasting friendships and will look forward to keeping track on how everyone does in fulfilling their soccer goals. I'm very happy I 'found'
your program on the internet and for all your help making last minute
arrangements. Please do let us know as you flush out the winter, spring and next
summer programs and how everyone made out with their try-outs.

Thanks again, Cathy
  Lisa Magliulo, 15,
Glencoe, IL
    Carmen and Alex - Shane made it back to the USA ...Shane has not stopped
talking about how much fun she had on the trip. .. She had a blast... I asked her
if she wants to go back next year and she said "definitely." The sign of a good
camp is when campers want to return until they are adults! I want to personally
thank you for helping her out, making her adjustment smooth and caring for her.
She loved every moment of the camp, probably is a better player from the
experience and made lifelong friends. I have always reiterated to people that
even though thousands of kids play soccer, few make it to the higher levels of
competition. Knowing this, the social experiences and developmental skills they
acquire are as important as their physical achievements. While Shane is a good
player and has good touch on the ball, the most important part of her "game" is
the friendships she builds over time. I coached a U-8 team for my older daughter
who is now ranked nationally in tennis and one of the top players in Nevada.
Even though she doesn't play soccer anymore, her best friend is a kid from the
U-8 team that lives in Philly. We all have to set reasonable sites in our game and
for Shane this means building confidence in her skill and personal nature. I'm
glad she had a good time, this experience contributes to her "game" and
development. -
Dr. Larry Scheier
  Shane Scheier, 13,
Las Vegas, NV
    Dear Carmen & Coach Alex - How are you two doing first off ? Hope all well...
Had a great time training in Romania, Belgium and Portugal... My family and i
are also very, very interested in the 6 month program... i am really excited, cant
wait. I have kept my training up and I'm about to get a little more intense with it,
so i can be prepared. ...Other than that things are great over in California, i am
playing in a open league with the league champs and they have opened me up to
some connections, which is great. I am still hoping that i can improve enough to
get myself a tryout somewhere and succeed. I hope to hear form you both soon
and i wish you both the best. Sincerely, Stuart Nichols
Stuart Nichols, 20,
GK, Mission Viejo, CA
    CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron Chandler (attended our training program in
Europe twice), 2004 & 2006 ESA of the USA MVP, and a former West Conference
MVP, who was drafted on January 11, 2007 by the Columbus Crew in the fourth
round of the Major League Soccer Super Draft. We wish Aaron a fantastic career
and best of luck.
Aaron Chandler

The Eurosoccer Academy of the USA takes you to locations around the world that
allow a player to focus and hone their skills with help from an excellent training staff.
My experience with the Eurosoccer Academy of the USA was extremely beneficial and
through hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude I was able to sharpen my game
and improve an enormous amount. This is not an academy for just anyone, it is for
serious soccer players that want to make it to the next level and gain some
international exposure. The best part of the Eurosoccer Academy of the USA, besides
the intense soccer training, is the amount of fun you have traveling and experiencing
the foreign countries".-

Geremy Uhl, GK, CA U21(Geremy graduated from USF, CA in December 2006. He is currently trying out with a number of MLS teams and 1st division
clubs in Europe)

  Geremy Uhl    
    Dear Carmen, Alex & Adrian, Just writting you to let you know that i have
made it home safely! Thanks so much for the fun experience and i hope to see you/ hear from you soon! Can't wait till next year!... I can't wait till next
summer! I'm gonna go to Portugal to! I miss everyone so much already! Its so
crazy how in only one month you can get so attached to people and become
such tight friends! Thanks for all the great practices! I loved getting to know new
drills and new techniques! Tell Adrian thanks for taking time aside and helping
me... It really meant alot to me to be able to get some one on one with the drills.
It helped me out alot! ... Soccer over here is hard to get used to after playing so
intense. I play indoor and everyone keeps telling me to settle down and not be
so physical. But hey I toughened up when I played those Romanian boys, and I
have to keep telling myself, "Your not in Romania anymore you can settle down!"
My parents came and watched me play and told me that I have improved
immensely! It was nice to hear that from them and others around me! Miss you
all! Thanks so much for everything- Nat
  Natalie Story, 19,
Eden, UT
    "The training program in Romania is very good. You have the top of the line coaches. I benefited a lot from training with them by getting better ball skills, and knowing what is around me at all times. The five years that I've been there I learned a lot. I like them because they like everyone of us like their own son. I think it is great for kids to go there, because every year, when I come back people tell me how much better I got, and that gives me the advantage over the other players. You should go as often as you can. Start young, and go every year. You will improve a lot. My traveling coach is amazed how much quicker, better, and bigger I got"
Bryan Laverdure, PA, U-23 (former 1st div. college soccer player at Temple
University in Philladephia, PA)
  Bryan Laverdure    
    "Training in Romania was really a good soccer experience. I definitely improved a lot. It was also really fun, it wasn't just a boring soccer camp. It was fun, and we learned a lot. Also, all of the coaches were great"
Brian Morris, NY, U-21
(currently playing 1st div. college soccer at St. John's University, NY)
  Brian Morris, 19,
  "Dear Carmen and Alex,
...We can't tell you how much we appreciated your kindness and helpfulness with the boys' first foray into
Europe! They COULD NOT STOP raving about Romania and how beautiful and lovely it is there. They have
convinced us that we must go next year to experience the history and castles in person. We agree and will
begin planning our vacation for 2005!!

We also thank you for contacting the Belgium connection concerning Nolan and Aaron tryouts in Brussels.
Thank you for everything. You've been wonderful...

With great appreciation,

Diana and family" , CA - Nolan Chandler, 15, Aaron, 20, Jason ,23
Hello Carmen & Alex,
First I just want to thank you for everything you did for Jose, he came back  very happy and with the idea to go back to school ( which is great!) so we'll see if he accomplish this, also he played yesterday and the coach, players and friends told him that is in a very good shape, he is running faster and his moves  had improved, hope we can talk over the phone
take care you and your family, tell coach Alex that Jose said hi and Thanks again.
Maria, CA
  "Read what Dave Masur, Head Coach at St. John's University, New York City, a major power in US College Soccer has to say about Eurosoccer Academy of the USA after visiting us:

"I want to thank you for your hospitality on my recent visit to Romania. I thoroughly enjoyed my soccer experience, I earned a great deal from communicating and watching the tremendous coaching staff of the Eurosoccer Academy of the USA in Romania. I am going to recommend to all the youth players and coaches that want their players to reach the highest level in soccer to attend your Academy in Romania. The intense and professional atmosphere that is created by your staff should be the standard that is set by all coaches.

In addition to the great facilities and tremendous coaching, I also was impressed by the care and consideration that both you (Coach Alex) and Carmen exhibited to your campers. It was obvious to me that you treated all the campers as an extension of your family and they all responded well to this environment. I loved the people I met in Romania and truly felt it was my best international experience and I am excited to return. Warmest regards, Dave "
  Hey coach Alex and Carmen, I hope you had a safe trip home and are now settled in. I would like to thank both of you and everyone in Romania, Spain, and Portugal for providing me with one of the greatest experiences and opportunities in my life. I really enjoyed the trip and I was so happy to share my experiences with my family. Thank You again for everything and I will always remain in touch with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao!

Sincerely Yours,

Gianpiero Torres , 19, NY


"hey Carmen how are you?
...I started pre season today and it went very well. I hope you all are doing well and i hope to keep in touch
whenever possible. Thanks again for another wonderful summer, this was definitely the hardest summer. Say
hello to Coach Alex and Adrian".
Oscar Guerrero, 19, FL

" Tayloy truly enjoyed his experiences and wants to return next year....I can see from the experience that Taylor has approved his touches on the ball and most importantly, his confidence in his abilities.  Thank you....We would love to hear back from you and we will keep in touch.
Steve and Pam and Taylor too! "
Taylor Lewis, 16, OR

Dearest Carmen,
I have been thinking about you... Martin just loved the time he spent with you all.  I asked him if he had made any special friends, and he said that they were all just like a big family....  And he certainly improved tremendously.  He played a couple of games at the State Show Me Games with his high school...  he saw a lot of action... one of the referees talked to my other son after Martin's games praising his performance... and I saw the difference.... He will be the keeper for varsity this year......Soccer being the one thing he cannot live without.... Take care, and let's keep in touch.

Maria" - Martin Di Stefano, 15, GK

    Dear Coach Alex and Carmen,

"I have to let you know that Meagyn had a blast while in Romania. She has spoken non-stop about her adventures since returning home. I am very grateful for all the help you gave Meagyn. I know that Meagyn isn't the caliber of player that you are used to receiving for your training programs and am impressed that she was still able to fit in, learn more about the game and increase her skill. Thank you for all that you have done to insure that Meagyn can be a better soccer player.

  Meagyn Mulieri        
  Meagyn speaks highly of the training that she received and of the Romanian team. She is grateful for all the help the coaches and the Romanian boys gave her while training...Meagyn also speaks of returning next year. I would love to have her return... She mentioned something about staying for two months? Thank you for watching out for her."
Bonnie Mulieri, U-16
Meagyn's mom, U-15, New York
Trevor Carney

Dear Carmen and Alex,
"First of all, thank you for the care you took of Alison, Trevor and Colin. They all had a wonderful time. It is obvious that they learned a great deal. The soccer training was a big part of their experience, but the exposure to it in the context of Romania and diverse group they were with made their life experience that much richer. They were glad to be home, but almost the first thing they said was that they want to return next year. This is just what we were hoping for when we looked at ESA of the USA. It is clear that the program had a very significant impact on all of the children. All three are exhibiting an increased passion for soccer and a new perspective on what it takes to become really good at the game. They also have a much better understanding of how much higher the level of expectations and commitment is in Romania. At the same time, they feel good about themselves and the work they did while they were gone.Thank you again for creating this opportunity for the children and taking such great care of them while they were with you.We look forward to keeping in touch."
Dick and Ann Carney (CA)


"I just thought you might like to know about a conversation I had with Alison today. I told
her that you had sent me a couple emails since you returned from Romania. I showed them to her when she asked to read them. She turned to me from the computer and said, "Dad, Carmen is AWESOME! really AWESOME!" Alison is clearly very fond of you, but she said you were absolutely terrific the day she had to leave for London and ran into trouble with Skip at the airport. She said she was calling you every five minutes and you were amazing in helping her get through the problems. She is very grateful and I think you have a special place in her heart. Maybe you need a new line in your brochure, "Carmen is AWESOME!" Thanks once again for being so good to our kids.

Our very best wishes to the Szasz family."
Dick Carney, CA

"Hi Carmen and Coach Alex, it's Seth Wolkoff from Cleveland, Ohio. Just letting you know I arrived safely. I want to thank you guys, again, for everything you did for me this summer. My parents also want to thank you for taking care of me, Carmen, you were a great soccer Mom for me in Romania and Alex, you were a great coach and dad too. I love you guys and I definitely will strongly consider returning next summer. I am interested in staying longer than one month. Thanks again for everything and I will stay in touch. Hope to here from you soon."
Seth "Pele, oh I mean Hagi" Wolkoff, OH

"Micah just finished his varsity season. He scored ten goals during the season. We are proud of him. He
learned a lot from going to Romania for the past three years. So, thanks for providing a great opportunity for him"
Micah Fishers's mom, Mrs. Lucy Fisher, NY
(Micah Fisher, NY, U-19)


Hey!"I just wanted to write and tell you that I got home safely. I had a blast and I can honestly say that this has been one of the greatest months of my life. It was a great experience. Thanks for all that you have done. Keep in touch!" Love always,"
Cassie Rasposo, U-17, NJ

"Hey, we are all doing really well. I start preseason on the 15th of August and have been working a good bit in order to stay fit and be ready. This summer did a lot for me. I can already tell a difference in my quickness with the ball and my quickness in thinking before I get the ball. But tell Alex to keep in touch as I am really considering the 6 month program and really wanna keep contact and talk some more about it."
Thanks for everything.
Blake Cash, U-20, SC


Dear Carmen,
"Thank you very much for organizing such an important event to these children and looking so well after
Bastamy. Hope he will be able to join you next year... Thank you for everything and we will keep in touch. Bastamy is a good boy and deserves our attention. Warmest regards to you and all your family."
Mohamed Salem, Nepal (Bastamy Salem, U-17, Mauritania)

Dear Carmen,
"Trevor and Colin and I got home fine, we only had to wait an hour for the plane once you dropped us off. Thank you so much for such a great trip. I really had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to next year. I will send you some copies of my photos from the trip if you will please e-mail me your address. Say hello to Alex for us." Much Love,
Alison ( Alison U-15, Colin & Trevor U-14)

Carmen & Alex,
"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great summer. It was an extremely educational experience for me. Not only in the way of soccer, but from the view point of learning about other cultures, other ways of life. I had a wonderful time something that I will always remember...I do believe that the training I received will indeed improve my soccer skills and talent many times over. I am just thankful and lucky that I was able to participate in this experience. Thanks again. I do hope to see you again in the near future. I owe you more than you can possibly fathom... I am hoping to develop my game this year and become the player that I feel that I can become. And I owe a lot of it to you two. Thank you, thank you, thank you." With much love,
Brian Marinoff, CA (U-20)

"The training program in Romania was intense and of high quality. The coaches had an excellent knowledge of the game, and the practices with the Romanian teams were enjoyable"

Dante Biscaro, Canada, U-15

"I'm really settling in and feel very comfortable. My mind is very focused on football and I haven't been
homesick yet not even for food. I feel very good, and once I get into a rhythm, I feel my chances will be even better. I am now playing "mijlocas retras" or defensive midfielder and I really like it. I feel I can develop best in this position. We went to Bucharest to see the Romania vs. Portugal game and it was fantastic. It was amazing seeing Hagi, Galca, Filipescu, Ilie, Figo, Rui Costa and Paulo Sousa play live. They are some of the best in the world and the atmosphere was spectacular. It really makes me want to make it to that level so people can write and admire me, too"

Brandon Fluharty, OH, elite player who participated in the one year program with Ist. Div. FCPP, Romania

"Three players from the United States have been training with F.C. Petrolul Ploiesti in the Romanian First
Division. Brandon Fluharty age 20 from Akron, OH left the University of Tampa after his sophomore year while Adrian Szasz (19) from Stroudsburg, PA and Nathaniel Tickner (20) from Minneapolis, MN left after their freshman year playing at Florida Southern College. They have been training with the club on a full-time basis since July after completing the Onesti International Soccer Training Program (OISTP), in Onesti, Romania. They have been working with top coaches and have benefited tremendously on a technical and tactical level. Brandon Fluharty is a defender, Adrian Szasz a striker, and Nathaniel Tickner a goalkeeper, and they all hope to take what they have learned from the program on to the professional stage. They recommend this program to anyone interested in taking their game to the next level"

Press release to Soccer America.

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