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Medieval Bran Castle 1377

The Arch of Triumph

Commercial Bank of Romania

The Parliament, Bucharest

Peles Castle

Busteni, The Silva Hotel

The Sphynx Rock

Bran Castle
Vlad Tepes' (Dracula) Statue

Bucegi Mountains
Seeing is believing - Romania is a very beautiful part of Europe.
Romania has much to offer travelers looking for adventure. It's a land with majestic and natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Traveling to Romania one finds mystery and non-contaminated charm. The Carpathian Alps (Transylvanian Alps), medieval towns, and the surviving unspoiled villages are some of it's many attractions. However, there is a lot more to Romania than just Dracula. From its evolution into freedom and democracy in 1989 continuing to the present, the country has faced and met the challenge of re-definition, transition, and reform. It has been a slow, but continuous effort towards prosperity.  
        Peles Castle
Turkish Room
Peles Castle Peles Castle
Hall of Honor
Sinaia - A beautiful ski resort, set in the Prahova Valley of the spectacular Carpathian Mountains. It is
well-known for Peles Castle, a feudal art museum, and the 17th century Sinaia Monastery. Bran is a
Transylvanian village known for its 14th century fortress, known as Dracula's Castle (built in 1370).
Brasov - A history carved in stone. This beautiful 800 year old city was founded in 1211 by the Teutonic
Knights. Situated in central Romania and surrounded by Carpathian Mountains, the city is an important
commercial, manufacturing and railroad center. Also, Brasov is noted as a winter sport center and
resort. Places of interest: The Black Church (a 14th century Gothic church, it has a 4,000-pipe organ,
well known for its exquisite acoustics, and a beautiful oriental rug collection), remnants of a citadel built
in 1553, the Town Hall (1420).
Dracula Castle Bran (Dracula) Castle
Busteni - Enjoy one of the most spectacular and majestic views of the Transylvanian Alps. The cable
car will take you to the top of Busteni Mountain. Discover the splendor of "Old Ladies Rocks", the
Sphinx Rock and the Caraiman Cross, at an altitude of 25540m.

Ploiesti - The City of "Black Gold" and Business Opportunities. It is located in southern Romania, near Bucharest. Dating back to 1503, Ploiesti developed thanks to its geographic position, and especially to its oil. It is the center of the country's petroleum production and one of the most important centers of drilling and petrochemical technology in the world. Place of tourist attraction : Oil Museum, Clock Museum and National Museum of Arts. Ploiesti is the home of F.C.Petrolul and hosts the Carpathian Cup.


Bucharest - Capital and the largest city of Romania, situated about 40m north of the Danube River. Known as "the Little Paris" in the early 20th century. It was a cosmopolitan city before 1944 when its architecture and culture were French inspired. Points of interest: the Palace of Justice (1864), the Stirbei Palace (1835), the Presidential Palace (17th century), the Central Library of the University (1893), the National Art Museum, the Museum of Art Collections, the National History Museum and the Arch of Triumph (1920).

Belgium, a kingdom about the size of Maryland, is multicultural and multilingual. Flanders is located in the
northern part of the country, a flatland criss-crossed by canals. Flemish are proud of their great art cities,
Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. They speak Dutch. To the south in Wallonia, you will find the hills of the Ardennes,
numerous castles, and the cities of Liege, Namur, and Tournai. The Walloons speak French.
However, traces of the Austrians, Spanish, French and Dutch can still be seen in its architecture and in the
lifestyle of its people. You will see superb examples of art and architecture past and present such as
Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Nouveau.

The capital city of Brussels, a medieval city, is one of the world's greatest cosmopolitan cities, home to both
theEuropean Union and NATO, as well as a wealth of international trade and finance companies. Brussels is
like a tourist's Mecca, full of gothic cathedrals, castles, museums, historical buildings, theatres, music and
festivals. In Brussels, both  Dutch and French are spoken. But to make it easy, everybody speaks English,
albeit with an accent.

Belgium's hospitality is well-known. Because of the country's location as an international center of commerce
and culture, Belgians are at ease with tourists from all over the world. They are proud of their homeland, and anxious to help you get to know it better. They are personable, cooperative and courteous.
Brussels, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium    
    R.F.C. Anderlecht, Brussels  
  Lisbon, Estoril & Algarve, Portugal  
F.C. Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal      

The Estoril Coast & Sintra is a strip of land measuring 20 by 40 Km, containing the westernmost point in Europe.
The picturesque towns of Estoril and Cascais with their pretty little palaces overlooking the sea have been
inhabited from th remotest ages. From very interesting finds, it is known that paleolithic man lived there, and it
is believed neolothic people lived in local caves 4000 years old. There is also much evidence from the Roman
period, dating from 1AD. Villas have been excavated and inscriptions found of family names, names of the Gods
they worshipped and names chosen for their sons.

The area is close to Lisbon. Costa de Lisboa, on the southwestern coast, offers a rich and impressively
integrated diversity. The capital of Portugal since its conquest from the Moors in 1147, Lisbon is a legendary
city with over 20 centuries of History. Visit places of historic interest, spectacular beaches, famous Portuguese
soccer clubs such as Benfica and Sporting, live and train in a professional environment, enjoy their cuisine, and

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